August 19th, 2005

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Requests Post 2

Requests are open! Whee!

Once again, my only rule for requests is that you must have the community friended before you request. I can't guarantee that your mood theme will be finished, but I'll definitely try. Please provide an image gallery source (or more than one), so I don't have to go hunting for images myself. Just fill out the following, and comment with it on this post:

Requested Mood Theme: [eg. Harry Potter - Sirius/Squid]
Size: [eg. 80x40 (nothing over 90x50 or under 70x35 - anything inbetween is fine. See here for examples of the sizes)]
Image Galleries: [eg.,]
Other: [Anything else you want to add]

One small note: I'm afraid that I can't make mood themes of gorey/horror movies. This is for two reasons: 1) Gorey movies seriously freak me out, and 2) There's not really many moods that can come from horror movies. There's no "dead" mood, or "bloody", or "back from the dead to avenge my girlfriend's dog's death by a texan serial killer with a chainsaw". At least not at the moment. So please don't ask for a mood theme of Ginger Snaps or something similar, because even if I could do it, I really would not want to. It all just squicks me out.

Anyway, other than that, request away!

ETA: If you want a mood theme of an online artist's art or webcomic, then you need to check their rules before requesting, or contact them for permission. Unless you have their permission, or their site says that they're okay with graphics being made of their work, then I can't make the mood theme.

One request per person, please.

Aug 21:

... Okay, when I said "closed", I meant... closed. As in, not taking any more requests. I don't know when I will start taking requests again, but it will likely be in a couple months, and for only a very small period of time again.

Dec 14: The next person to request something and claim it's a "suggestion" gets sporked in the head.
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